Indianapolis wedding blogger Sara Ackerman knows the importance of small details when it comes to orchestrating a beautiful event—and how sharing these details with guests makes for a smooth sailing in the planning process!

In utilizing for her upcoming August Indy Getting Hitched Premiere Party Bridal Show, she sought a quick and easy way to keep her and her guests on the same page—all the details in one place.

“I was prepared for a fantastic RSVP site,” said Ackerman. “But I wasn’t prepared for all of the exciting extras Snappening offered to the IGH registration page. There is absolutely no guess work for my guests.”

The RSVP page not only serves as a place for guests to pre-register for the show and even save $5 in doing so—but also provides a wealth of resources about the venue that they might not have easily found elsewhere.

By simply browsing the registration page, guests can gain an overview of the event, explore links to participating wedding professionals and view a map to the location. Photos and descriptive blurbs about all vendors are also easily accessible.

“Snappening provides a mutual benefit for event planner and guests alike,” Ackerman said. “I had an accurate head count for the guest list, while guests are spared no small detail about what the event entails. The welcome page alone offers itself as a wonderful event overview—but there are only more resources from there.”

The Snappening registration process—and all the convenient event details that come with it—allows Ackerman’s guests to share in her vision of a perfect evening for Indy Getting Hitched: cocktails, giveaways and conversation amongst guests and an array of Indy’s best wedding industry professionals.

“Snappening is a one-stop party shop that supports local Indiana,” Ackerman said. “It’s so simple to set up an RSVP page to manage guests and details in one place—fantastic.”