In the event planning industry, details are everything. Technology that allows event professionals to see and manage details such as floor plans and attendee guest lists not only saves time, but enables planners to visualize an event before it occurs. What is this innovative technology? Introducing Social Tables. Let’s learn more about this exciting new tool as part of our Technology in Events series. Our friends at Social Tables were kind enough to answer some of our pressing questions.
What is Social Tables?
Social Tables is an event planning technology platform that brings powerful floor plan design and guest list management tools to the fingertips of thousands of event professionals. It’s cloud-based so it’s easy to access anytime, from anywhere without downloading any software. (We’ve seen a few live demos ourselves and are pretty excited about the possibilities.)
How can I best incorporate Social Tables into events for my clients?
It’s easy to incorporate into your client’s events by using the software to develop a floor plan that can be viewed by your client online—at anytime!  It will make the diagramming process easier and prevent that “will everything fit?” headache as all diagrams are made to scale. We personally are most excited about the ability to co-plan the seating chart with clients. As guests RSVP, mapping the seating arrangement gets quicker and easier and both the client and the planner can ensure that small groups of guests (let’s say families or corporate attendees) can stay tethered together at tables as needed. We’re expecting to find most planners enjoy seeing remaining seats at individual tables as a huge benefit for their own time and their client’s time as well.


How does the program work?
The software has three main products that include a Venue Mapper, Attendee List Manager and Smart Seating tool to help with everything from event floor plans to check-in.
  • Venue Mapper: Referred to as easy CAD diagramming, customers begin by importing the PDF of any venue floor plan (no matter how unique) and using the drag-and-drop objects to set up the space with tables and other objects such as a stage or dance floor. Diagramming is quick with floor plan templates and the ability to copy previous event setups. Also, the firm just added 3D rendering, so clients can truly visualize  the event before it happens!
  • Attendee List Management & Smart Seating: Manage all of your guests and their information in one place including contact information, where they are seated and any dietary restrictions. Social Tables can even pull information from social media sites to help add photos and contact information if needed. Seating can be a nightmare, but they’ve made it easier by allowing clients to group guests together to seat them faster. Guests can also be tagged as VIPs or Donors in order to visualize where guests of honor are most appropriate to seat.
  • Check-In: With large events, knowing who has arrived is critical. With Social Tables, users can use devices such as laptops, iPads and SmartPhones to easily check in guests.
What if a client wants to use Social Tables directly?

Social Tables offers one-time event packages, but recommends brides and businesses discuss the tool with their event planner, caterer or venue so that everyone involved can benefit.

What are the best features of Social Tables according to users?
One of the features that customers love the most is that changes are made in real-time, making Social Tables fully collaborative. Clients can add collaborators much like Google Docs so everyone involved can see the changes being made (no need for sending multiple PDFs back and forth!) Social Tables customers have said that clients are amazed after seeing the beautifully designed floor plans and are surprised at the quick turnaround on changes.
How should planners learn more about Social Tables?
To contact social tables directly, visit their site at or call them at (877) 973-2863.
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