Party Time! Spring Break is finally here. It’s time to relax and unwind. Everyone is heading to their favorite beach spots, fancy resorts and ritzy city locations, and you’re stuck at home. Instead of relaxing under the sun sipping on a fancy umbrella drink, you have the fabulous job of entertaining the kids that will be home ALL DAY. Don’t worry! Snappening has some interesting ideas about how to make your own spring break party at home for your family in Indianapolis this year. With all these fun activities from Snappening, there’s no way anyone will be uttering the phrase “I’m borrrrrred” this year!
Explore your town

Every town has some sort of local attraction. This spring break, take the kids out for a day on the town. Visit all your local landmarks. Stop by any popular zoos, museums or parks. Our friends at The Indianapolis ZooThe Children’s Museum of Indianapolis and The Eiteljorg Museum have tons of great hands-on activities for all ages. Research some top-rated restaurants that you’ve never tried and take the family out for lunch. A quick search on Snappening can provide with all the local Indianapolis hot spots. For some great family-style Italian cuisine stop by our friends at Buca di Beppo in downtown Indianapolis or check out Dave & Buster’s for great food and fun arcade games. It’s crazy how much someone can find in their own backyard.

Plan a craft day

You’re never too old for crafts. For your “at home” spring break vacation, plan some DIY activities for the kids. Homemade puppets, jewelry, play-doh and board games are some great DIY activities for all ages. The kids will love getting their hands dirty and having something to show for it. Go to your local craft store and stock up on supplies. Buy ceramics to paint, beads to create necklaces or simply different colored paper and paints. The entire family will enjoy spending time with one another while letting their artistic side run wild.

Yummy yummy in my tummy!

A great place to bring the family closer together is in the kitchen. Let the kids pick some fun recipes they want to make. Create root beer floats, homemade cookies and tasty homemade candies. If it’s an unusually warm day, let the kids pick out their favorite fruits and make some tasty fruit smoothies. Add whip cream and a funky umbrella straw to top it off. Make-your-own sundaes are a fun way to end the night. Pop in one of the kids’ favorite movies and enjoy your delicious treats! Any night with late bedtimes and fun snacks will be an exciting night for your pint-sized planning partners.

Spring cleaning

We all want to be the parent that always says “yes” to fun and “no” to work. But we all know that with spring break comes spring cleaning. Most of us use this time to catch up on work that needs to be done around the house. You will be amazed at how willing kids are to help. Include all the kids, no matter what age they are, when it comes to helping out. There are chores that can be completed by all ages. Teach them at a young age that cleaning can be enjoyable. Just make it fun! Have a prize for whomever finishes their cleaning task list first. Make it a race to the finish line. Once the job is done, reward all their hard work by taking the family out for some ice cream, frozen yogurt or other favorite treat.

Grown-up night out

It’s important to remember to take some time for yourself during your spring break. You work hard all year and you deserve a break too. After a couple days of being super mom and dad, call a babysitter and plan some grown-up time with your spouse or significant other. Have a romantic dinner at one of Indy’s most elegant restaurants and enjoy a cocktail or dancing afterwards at one of the trendiest bars and nightclubs. Pretty sure you don’t want to stray too far from home? No problem. Just narrow down your search by zip code and you’ll be able to connect with all the options in your area in both categories.

The possibilities for an Indianapolis spring break at home are endless. Don’t be afraid to step out of the box and get creative with your spring break plans this year!