Yellow just makes people happy. Lemon zest is cheerful, refreshing and perfect for a summer, fall or spring wedding. It’s the color of sunshine and is sure to make you shine on your big day!

Lemon Zest Fashion
Yellow dresses may not flatter the skin tone of every bridesmaid so consider gray dresses with bright yellow ribbons and bouquets instead. Adding touches of lemon zest will be easy to the wedding party’s attire. The most attention grabbing element could be lemon zest colored shoes! They will brighten up any dress color! The groom is invited to the lemon zest party too! Consider a gray suit with a bright lemon zest tie or other similar small coordinating element!
Bright Yellow Bouquets
Luckily for the bride that chooses lemon zest, yellow is a common natural floral color. Black-eyed Susans, Graham Thomas roses, Asiatic Lilies and sunflowers are all bright yellow flowers perfect for a lemon zest wedding. A little subtle white can be added with Baby’s breath. Wrapping the bouquet with a beautiful ribbon will make it more elegant. The ribbon can be white, brown, or gray. If you’re bridesmaid dresses are a lemon zest color, and you may be concerned yellow flowers would be too much. Make a bouquet of lighter yellows and white, or simply reverse the dominate bouquet color to your coordinating color, and add hints of yellow instead.

Yellow Décor and Centerpieces
The table setting is the perfect place to really make the sun shine and brighten the tables. The tablecloth can be gray, white or black. A mixture of lemon and flower-filled vases will enhance the table. Add real lemons to the décor to add zest and variety! Slice lemons and add them into the water of vases with flowers. Another option is filling any jar with whole lemons—simple yet colorful. Yellow napkins will add the needed yellow to the neutral tablecloth. Each plate can have a lemon placed on it to tie together the lemon zest theme. Bring the sun inside or keep it lit at night with yellow paper lanterns.

Key Ingredients: Yellow Food Ideas
One of our favorite lemon zest wedding cakes incorporates two trends: yellow and ombré. The bottom tier is the best and brightest yellow. As the cake gets taller, the yellow fades into white. This way the yellow isn’t overwhelming, but it’s still beautiful! Another fun cake alternates patterns and colors: yellow with pale gray chevrons, white textured layer, and then gray with white polka dots. Other than the cake, there are other ways to add lemon zest to the desserts and drinks. If cupcakes are served, put a little yellow food coloring into the frosting. Also, add a candy bar to the wedding stocked with lemon candies. It’s refreshing, it’s tasty, and it’s yellow. Serve lemonade as a refreshment at your wedding!

Complementing Colors: What goes with yellow?
Adding an additional color to the wedding can either add more drama or make the yellow pop more. For added pizazz, yellow’s complementary color is purple. Add this color combination to your bouquet with purple pansies and yellow roses. Pairing yellow with gray is a simple and elegant color combination. For a rustic wedding, brown is a nice natural touch.

Lemon zest is bright and fun and will make any wedding more exciting. Yellow is scientifically proven to make people feel happier, so it’s an ideal choice for a bride who wants a room full of smiling, laughing guests all day and evening long. Don’t shy away from this bold and vibrant color. Your guests will be happy to attend a lemon zest wedding! Making sure to cover all the details of your big day can be challenging, so consider hiring a professional wedding planner, or if you still haven’t found your wedding venue, try ourvenue search option.


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