Planning an outdoor event and concerned about how to keep the party glowing after dark? Outdoor lighting for events might seem tricky, but it doesn’t have to be. With these tips and suggestions, you’ll be the brightest host of the summer!

Candles are an obvious source of outdoor lighting. Get creative with placement and holders to make an impression.

A cluster of candles on around an outdoor event will help illuminate the area with a casual look. For an elegant look, place candles in a design or pattern around the yard! (Just make sure there won’t be young children getting into the candles!) You could also hang candle-filled mason jars from tree branches. No need to spend money on expensive candleholders! Visit your local thrift stores and pick up a variety of old mason jars and glassware. Then, fill them with candles of different heights.

String Lights
White holiday lights make for a quick, easy and inexpensive outdoor lighting option that can withstand the weather. Wrap string lights around tree branches for a mystical look or zig-zag them overhead for a canopy of lighting. String lights hidden under clothed tables will make the area glow. Or, try them under a glass patio table!

Looking for a DIY project? Cover small paper cups with pretty paper, and then cut holes in the bottoms and put a light in each cup! To keep unwanted cords out of sight, hide them in plants or duck tape them to the ground, then cover with an outdoor rug.

Solar Lights

For a more sustainable lighting solution, turn to solar lights. Line walkways, patios and eating areas with these lights. Not only are there in-ground solar lights, but many home and garden stores offer stringed LED solar lights and lanterns! Place these in a sunny location before guests arrive so they can soak up the maximum power. These usually last about four hours, so it may be smart to have a back-up plan if they dim before the party does.

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