Now that you’ve planned the perfect Memorial Day Weekend Party or Corporate Picnic, it’s time to plan a new and fun celebration: a baby shower!!!! Whether you are throwing this summer baby shower for a girlfriend, sister or co-worker, there are so many ways to make baby showers festive and fun! Check out these handy tips before you start planning your summer baby shower.
It’s a Boy! It’s a Girl! It’s a Surprise!

When you start planning a baby shower, try to pick out a color palette for inspiration. Luckily this can be achieved rather quickly by looking at the gender of the little bundle of joy. For boys: try a baby blue or green. Girlies: pinks and purples are the obvious choice. If they parents are waiting to find out the gender of the baby ‘til the delivery room, no worries! Combine multiple colors to make the event festive and bright or choose a neutral color like yellow.

A new trend in baby showers is revealing the gender of the baby at the shower. We love this idea! Fill the room with pink peonies or blue hydrangeas indicating the gender the baby. A personal favorite is having the icing filling of the cake or cupcakes as the color of the baby’s gender. Have everyone bite into them at the same time and enjoy the reactions. Talk about a sweet surprise!

If all of the guests already know the gender of the baby, go crazy with details and decorations accordingly! Pink place settings, mocktails, cookies and flowers? Blue trucks, toys, bats and balls? It may seem a bit overboard from a traditional event planning standpoint, but who cares? You are celebrating the birth of a beautiful baby, you’re allowed to go all out and take the baby shower décor to the max!
Party time!
Don’t forget to incorporate some fun games into the day. These can include simply writing down or sharing possible baby names if it hasn’t been chosen yet, parenting advice for the new mommy and daddy or the weirdest cravings they’ve had while pregnant. Incorporate the baby theme throughout by serving drinks in bottles or doing blindfolded taste tests of baby food and trying to guess which is which!
Now what?

Have the perfect theme for your summer baby shower but no idea how to make it happen? We at Snappening have got you covered! We offer plenty of resources for you to take advantage of from hiring your personal event planner or even finding a great event venue that will ensure your baby celebration runs smoothly! If you need more shower inspiration, check out our baby shower Pinterest board designed just around this topic! Baby showers can be a breeze with a solid game plan and a world of inspiration.