When is the last time your entire family was in the same state, let alone the same place? It’s time to bring the whole family together! There is no event that is as meaningful and as memorable as a family reunion. As years go by, families grow farther and farther apart. A family reunion is a chance to reconnect, have a few laughs and create new memories with all your loved ones. From restaurants to banquet halls, all the way to campgrounds, Snappening can find you the exact Indianapolis-area family reunion location that’s just right for your party. Here are a fewfamily reunion ideas to make the most of your gathering.

Reunions that are close to home

The choices are endless when it comes to picking a place to host your family reunion. For those smaller families, throwing a backyard BBQ or pool party is a simple, inexpensive and intimate option. Make it a potluck and have everyone bring a favorite dish of their choice to pass–particularly if the dishes are heirlooms in the family tree. Adding a special touch of providing a series of long-standing family recipes in afamily reunion cookbook each year could serve as a guest gift. (Or, the more technically savvy may wish to start the family reunion recipe collection online so all family members can enjoy it for years to come.)

Reunions as a Formal Affair: Banquet Halls and Restaurants

If you have a larger family and don’t think your home will be big enough, consider renting an Indianapolis banquet hall or restaurant. A banquet hall may have a variety of rooms that can accommodate your family, while a restaurant may entertain doing a complete restaurant buyout for your family or seating you in a private dining area.

We recommend the following family reunion-friendly event venues across greater Indianapolis:

Reunions and the Great Outdoors
Feeling more adventurous this year? Take the entire family out to a campground or theme park. Make a weekend of it. Spend your trip fishing, hiking and bringing everyone closer together while enjoying the outdoors. Other great family reunion locations include breweries and wineries,casinos, museumsrecreational entertainment centers and resorts. A quick family reunion venue search on Snappening will make your reunion party planning a snap!

Family Reunion Activities

Make sure to have a few family reunion-friendly activities or games planned for your event. Everyone loves to spend time reminiscing with one another, but by playing some fun games and activities you will be able to create new family memories! Try organizing a family talent show. It is always very surprising to see a family member’s hidden talent–especially Grandma’s surprises. The kids will love performing for everyone and will give the adults something to photograph, video record and talk about for next year’s event. Make sure you let all your family members know about the talent show in advance in case they want to bring something with them to help showcase their abilities. A game of volleyball, basketball or softball is also a great way to get the family active and create some competitive fun.
Choosing a Family Reunion Theme

Having a theme for your Indianapolis family reunion will make your decorating and food choices quick and easy. A few themes that work well for a family reunion are a luau theme, western theme, fiesta theme or a patriotic theme. Whatever theme you choose, remember that it is a family reunion, so be sure to serve food for all ages. Not sure if you can pull off the entire family reunion on your own? Consider hiring an extra pair of hands so that all of your family members get to enjoy the day making memories, and not preparing, cleaning up and everything in between. Snappening can point you in the direction of some great Indianapolis family reunion planners to make your life much easier.

Follow these tips from Snappening to make your next family reunion a success!