Teenage birthday parties present a unique entertainment challenge because they often are the first events where boys and girls start mingling together and want a party that will keep everyone’s attention and interest. The most difficult task is finding a teenage party theme that both genders will relish. Boys won’t want a princess party, and girls won’t want to attend a monster truck reenactment. Today’s blog offers three great teenage birthday party themes that will spark the interests of all teenagers alike. From murder mysteries to the amazing race, you simply must-ache (host) one of these at your earliest opportunity!

Teen Party Theme #1: Whodunit?

Crime solving shows are big hits on television—and at home. Make your teen’s birthday party a hit by turning it into a murder mystery party! Boys and girls will get the chance to show off their crime-solving skills and pretend to be the next best CSI junior candidate. What makes a murder mystery party work comes down to one secret ingredient—the script. There are kits for purchase or download readily available online. If you choose to try and tackle your own script, prepare to invest some time in this part of the party planning. Provide each attendee with a character description and have them secretly memorize it. It won’t be as fun if everyone knows what’s going on! Before they guests arrive, place clues around the party area for them to find. The guests will ask each other questions and answer based on the character descriptions and alibis they were given. The first person to solve the murder wins! Choose a prize that all the guests would enjoy winning.  It might be best to serve finger food and smaller snacks at this party instead of a sit-down meal so the crime-fighters can readily move around and mingle. Take a hint from Halloween with your decorating. Reuse the blood splatter window stickers for this murder mystery party! Try a theme within a theme with by serving a “Death by Chocolate” cake or hosting a Roaring ‘20s murder mystery and asking guests to come dressed in period clothing.

Teen Party Theme #2: The Amazing Race

Teenagers have a lot of energy and are always on the lookout for a competition, and this theme surely gives them one. An amazing race/scavenger hunt theme is perfect for adventurous boys and girls. Most of the planning and preparing for an Amazing Race party will need to be done in advance. Like the show, it involves traveling to new places. Since you can’t afford to send these teenagers all over the world, send them to your neighbors’ houses or local parks instead. Ask your neighbors or friends if they will host a check-in station for the event. Depending on the age of the guests, they can either walk or drive to different locations. At each station, have a task that needs to be completed before getting a clue that leads to the next stop. Some tasks could include taking a picture with an animal other than a dog, making up a team handshake or solving a riddle. Keep in mind the age and athletic abilities of the guests when organizing these tasks. For some added competition, split the teams by gender and pit the boys against the girls. Decorate with road signs, maps, country flags and anything that suggests adventure and exploring! Don’t forget to give each team member a water bottle before they set off and explore. Have a “victory dinner” ready for the teenagers to enjoy once the last team has crossed the finish line! Since most teenagers have cell phones with cameras, have them send you pictures along the way. Give the party its own Instagram hashtag (#Justins16thBDayRace) and subscribe to an Instagram event feed service for the day to see all photos posted with this hashtag instantaneously and share the feed as the teams arrive back to home base for the victory dinner.

Teen Party Theme #3: I Mustache You a Question

The last teenage birthday party theme is more about the decorations than the activities. What’s more fun than wearing fake mustaches? Not much! Donning a fake mustache is silly and will get all the boys and girls laughing. A mustache is a simple shape and easy to cut out in different black, gray and brown paper. Hanging mustaches from the walls and even draw them on balloons. Cut out life-size mustaches and glue or tape them on the end of a stick. Snap photos of all the guests at a photo booth, with a Polaroid camera or cell phone camera. Make a hashtag for the party so attendees can easily view all the images from the event on Instagram. In the invitations and decorations, use phrases like “I mustache you a question,” “wet your whiskers,” and “you really mustache on over.”

The most important thing to remember when planning your teen’s birthday party is choosing a theme that will keep the guests entertained the longest. Some teenagers are all about adventure while others are not. Try to find the theme that will please the majority of your child’s friends and involve them in the process to ensure you’re on the right track. Consider hiring a professional event planner so you don’t have to plan the party by yourself. Also, try our venue search tool to find the perfect venue for a teenager birthday party if you’d rather host it publicly than at home.

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