Thanksgiving is almost here, and not everyone is planning a trip to visit family or a sunny destination. Instead many of us will enjoy an Indianapolis Thanksgiving, with family or spending the day with friends.

If you decide to make it an Indianapolis Thanksgiving Day, you can make it memorable, fun and easy. Here’s how:

Show Gratitude
Thanksgiving is traditionally known for bringing families together, many of whom may only see each other once a year. Before carving the turkey and taking a bite of grandma’s dressing, use this day to express what you’re thankful for this year. You can take turns around the dinner table. Or, have family and friends in attendance write their thoughts on paper, put them in a basket and have each person pull out a “thankful note” to read.

Dinner doesn’t have to be the main event for Thanksgiving. Consider asking family and friends to spend a little time giving back. Serve food at an Indianapolis food pantry or sign up for the annual Drumstick Dash to support Wheeler Mission Ministries.

Enjoy a stress-free Thanksgiving Dinner in Indy
Not the cooking type? No sweat. dinner will be served in many Indianapolis restaurants, including some venue partners, giving you time to enjoy a hearty meal without the hassle of reading recipes and suffering through hours of cleanup. A few suggestions:

Add your own Thanksgiving Flair
You’re alone in Indianapolis on Thanksgiving Day, and a few of your friends are, too. This is the perfect time to personalize the holiday. If it’s just you and a few girlfriends, skip the turkey and plan a potluck of all your favorite meals. Later, watch a few DVDs followed by a serious strategy session to map out the best Black Friday deals. For the guys, turn Thanksgiving dinner into an early tailgate party. Ask friends to bring their favorite appetizer and beverage. Enjoy the good food and football throughout the evening.

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