One of the most exciting moments before baby’s birth is the highly anticipated baby shower gender reveal party with family and friends. This hallmark moment will be the most photographed and celebrated time before your baby’s actual arrival, and the big reveal needs to be equal parts unique and memorable. Snappening has all the tips and tricks to unveil your baby’s gender in style.

Who would have guessed?
When it comes to the main event, we’ve searched and like these three unique ideas the best. They’re one part wow and another part memory.One of the most enjoyable elements of a gender reveal baby shower is involving your guests in the festivities. To make sure your family and friends are captivated and integrated into the big reveal, try setting up “guessing stations” around your home or baby shower venue (if having a baby shower at home just won’t do, don’t forget you can utilize Snappening’s baby shower event venue search to find the perfect place for your party). Some charming guessing station ideas include “Team Pink or Team Blue,” “Bows or Bow Ties,” “Staches or Sashes,” and our personal favorite: a unique gender guessing drink station, in which guests may choose blue or pink punch in clear glasses to display their pick for your baby’s gender.
Gender Reveal Idea #1: Baby Balloon Bonanza
A fun and creative idea sure to dazzle your family and friends, is the balloon gender reveal. To not only surprise your guests, but also yourself and your partner, have your doctor write down and seal your baby’s gender for all of these ideas. Designate one helpful family member or friend to execute the “baby balloon bonanza” box. All the designated assistant has to do for this airborne reveal is seal a cardboard box of either blue or pink balloons depending on baby’s gender, and decorate the outside (ex. “Is Baby A Boy or A Girl?”). During the party, Mommy and Daddy have everyone gather around to watch them open the box and discover if those balloons flying out represent a boy or a girl! (Don’t forget to have cameras ready to capture those first reactions!)
Gender Reveal Idea #2: A Yummy Surprise
Our second unique reveal is one all your party guests will drool over. Have your designated helper follow this recipe on Snappening’s Baby Show Party Power Pinterest board for a beautiful “surprise on the inside” gender reveal cake! Have party guests surround mom-and-dad-to-be as they slice open the cake to reveal the gender of their new baby.
Gender Reveal Idea #3: Painting Parents-To-Be

One of our favorite and most unique baby shower gender reveal party ideas is a messy one! Have your helper fill two empty white squirt bottles with either blue or pink paint, and make sure Mom and Dad wear all-white clothing to the party. Then have everyone gather to watch the expectant parents count down together, and squirt each other simultaneously to reveal baby’s gender!

These adorable gender reveal party ideas are wonderful ways to commemorate one of the most excited events leading up to the arrival of baby. As a memorable moment for both expectant parents, family and friends, your party deserves a one-of-a-kind reveal.

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