The financial crisis delivered a huge hit to corporate sponsorship programs. For awhile, it seemed there was high demand for corporate sponsorship, but not many sponsorship dollars to give. However, it’s not that the money isn’t available. Instead, it’s being spent in smaller ways among segmented markets in order to deliver an ROI for the corporation. This new approach to sponsorship requires a completely new relationship between corporate sponsors and event planners. Continue to read for tips on how to gain corporate event sponsorship to ensure a successful event and to provide corporations with tangible event outcomes.
A Lasting Relationship
With more pressure to spend sponsorship dollars efficiently, corporations are looking to build longer-lasting relationships with event planners. The sponsorship should provide corporations with traditional ways of displaying their contribution, such as their name/logo on party favors and décor. It is also a wise decision for the event planner to make sure that the corporate sponsor is getting the appropriate amount of media attention for the event. If the benefits continue once the event has happened, the sponsorship will be more likely to continue as well. Don’t forget to “re-tell” the story to the sponsor after the event either! Providing excellent examples of ROI and vivid displays of corporate sponsorship activation is key, along with hard facts about attendee count, impressions and estimated sponsorship worth.
Customization is Key
It is not realistic to expect to be able to generalize sponsorship options. Every corporation is different and must be treated as so. It will be essential to analyze what the corporation can offer, what the event planner can offer, and then join forces. There will be specific goals for the event and specific goals for the corporation. It is important to meet the goals of each.
Grow with Technology
Technology advancements are an important aspect of corporate sponsorship. The event planner should utilize social media to promote the event and sponsor. Also, corporations cannot always provide funding for all employees to attend events so it’s a great idea to provide live video, webinars, live tweeting, etc.

This can be a lot of information to take in, but don’t forget that Snappening is here to help. Consider hiring a professional event planner to help you through the process. Also, check out the venue search on Snappening to help find the perfect place for your corporate event which allows for dozens of sponsorship activation ideas. Feel free to share your thoughts with us on Facebook and Twitter.

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