Do you ever want to get friends and family together, but the idea of preparing all the food and setting everything up seems overwhelming? Would you plan more get-togethers or dinners but deciding on the menu is too daunting a task? Look no further, because here is your guide to new pitch-in ideas and dynamics!

No one person should have to shoulder the burden of planning, prepping, purchasing and serving an entire meal. A pitch-in or potluck meal is one in which a group of people gather each contributing a prepared dish to share with the group. The beauty of the pitch-in is that the responsibility and cost is equally distributed amongst guests. This entertainment method is quickly gaining popularity as it takes the load off the host in terms of cost and prep work.

Check out these creative pitch-in theme suggestions that will liven up any celebration.

Instruct guests to bring in various dips and dip accompaniments. Think 7-layer bean, hot feta artichoke, buffalo chicken wing, BLT or anything else your heart desires! For recipes to the dips mentioned or for “dip inspiration” check out this potluck dip search.


Think “bar” food or the type of thing you’d eat at a tailgate. The theme of this potluck could even be tailored to a sporting event taking place during the shindig (such as calling your pitch-in the Indy Colts Commemoration and holding it during a televised Colts game for all the guests to enjoy). Try chips and salsa, wings, nachos, pizza, potato skins, sliders, chicken fingers or get fancy with something like spinach phyllo roll-ups or cheesy bacon bruschetta.

“Some Like It Hot”

Include spicy dishes or any type of meal prepared warm. Perhaps jalapeño poppers, chili, or even fire-roasted flatbread pizza. Consider hot dishes as well, such as any type of casserole or soup. For some inspiration, try one of these can’t miss recipes for people who say they don’t like casseroles.

“Cold As Ice”

Feature various salads and cold dishes. You can’t go wrong with pasta salad, fruit salad, oriental salad, potato salad or coleslaw. Or try something new like dilled shrimp salad!

“How Sweet It Is”

For the crew with the sweet tooth! Include any type of dessert, specialty teas, coffees and items to dunk in these unique brews. Muffins, scones, pies and cake taste much better with a gulp of premium blend coffee and tea. Try oatmeal biscuits and vanilla chai tea!

Mexican Fiesta

This is such a fun theme…the options are endless! Imagine a piñata, margaritas and all the Mexican fare you can handle. Tacos, burritos, quesadillas, guacamole…you name it.

Italian Stallion

The Olive Garden’s got nothing on this par-tay! Go crazy with fettuccine, lasagna, spaghetti, garlic bread, tiramisu and the like. Be sure to wear your comfy pants to this one because you’ll sure to leave quite content!

Exotic Cocktails

Ask everyone to bring their favorite alcoholic beverage to share, the crazier the concoction the better! Once the crew has arrived, plan on ordering in Chinese or Indian food to compliment the liquid refreshments. Nothing could be more relaxing than sipping a drink called Le Grande sunset!
These are just a few potluck proposals. Get creative, but above all else–have fun! If you need help planning the perfect bash, Snappening offers a comprehensive list of event planners that are sure to create the ultimate pitch-in!

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