Ask someone from Great Britain what they think of Indianapolis, and the first image likely to pop in their head is the Indianapolis 500and all of its gritty, ear-splitting glory.

Catherine and William sauntering down the aisle at Westminster Abbey?


Our version of a royal wedding might be a bride in a tube top and a groom in cutoff jeans.

But you and your friends can indulge in your very own version of a Royal Wedding party: Whether it’s pampering at a spa, hosting your own tea party or being spoiled at a Victorian mansion, refinement is practically at your fingertips.

Here are some ideas for importing a slice of England to Hoosier-land – without the deafening decibels of a certain 2.5-mile oval racetrack.

Tea with the Queen

Only the most important people in England will actually be at the wedding. What’s the next best thing? How about a local version of tea hour.

The Propylaeum, a club for Indianapolis women founded in 1888, will celebrate the Royal Wedding at its Old Northside Victorian Mansion with English tea time at 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. on April 29. Tea sandwiches, scones, treats and, of course, tea, will be served. And you receive an official wedding souvenir!

Reservations are required, so call (317) 638-7881 if you want to celebrate the English way.

Party Haughty

Enjoy the wedding festivities in your own home by hosting an English afternoon tea.

Would you like crumpets with that, me lady? (Trust us, it sounds extra special coming from your significant other).

Here are a few tips on hosting an English tea party.

Still have that fine china and table settings unopened in boxes from your own wedding? Now is the time to unwrap those presents for all to see. It is in honor of the Royal Wedding, after all.

Adorn tables with freshly-pressed white tablecloths (the kind your grandma would be proud of). Bring out your best china teapots, teacups, creamers and unique serving dishes and enjoy a soothing cup of tea.

The food that will be served is entirely up to you! To help reduce stress, suggest that your friends bring their favorite dish. You might not end up with traditional cucumber, egg and cress, fish paste or smoked salmon sandwiches, or scones and lemon curd, but what’s wrong with some spicy wings served in an elegant setting? It’s your party!

Here are a few decorating ideas:

•    have plenty of fresh-cut flowers.
•    purple is always a good royal color and metallics, like gold.
•    Candles seem to lend a certain ambience and make ideal centerpieces. Cluster cream-colored candles of varying sizes in the middle of the table, or arrange votive or floating candles in a row down the center of the table.
•    A pedestal cake stand with candles also makes for a nice presentation.

Just remember: When drinking tea – pinky out!

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