Bridal showers are always a fun way to spend time with your wedding guests before the big day! One of the best ways to entertain guests is by playing a variety of bridal shower games. But, it can be hard to come up with games that are fun for everyone. This top five list of bridal shower games provides games that are sure to keep all your guests entertained, whether it’s a best friend or great aunt. The trick is variety and simplicity. Luckily these bridal shower games combine a bit of both. If you’re concerned about pulling off the bridal shower successfully, consider hiring a professional event planner to help you along the way.
Bridal Bingo
It’s a traditional game with a fun twist. First, on the game cards, replace B-I-N-G-O with B-R-I-D-E. You can use simple wedding terms to fill in the spaces such as bride, groom, honeymoon, dress, etc. Or, if you would like the game to be more personal, use terms that can relate to specific guests such as relative, college friend, or born in the same month as the bride, etc. This way, your guests can have fun and learn more about the bride and other guests at the same time. Like traditional bingo, he first guest to fill a complete vertical, horizontal, or diagonal line wins. It’s a perfect way to turn complete strangers into better acquaintances over the course of your bridal shower.
He said…She said
Before the shower, ask the bride and groom questions about their relationship: where they met, when they fell in love, what their favorite thing is about the other, etc. Put a collection of their answers on sheets of paper to be handed out to the guests. They will guess who said what—the bride or groom. The guest with the most correct answers wins.
Memory Lane
This game gives the bride a chance to be in the spotlight. Either include a card with the shower invitations for guest to fill out, or provide them with a card when they arrive. Then, each guest should document a memory they have shared with the bride and put it into a bowl. The bride can draw one card at a time and read it out loud. Then, she will guess which guest wrote it. It’s a sentimental game, and the bride can keep the collection of memories to include in her bridal scrapbook. Memory Lane provides a more low-key, yet intimate experience for all guests and keeps the theme neutral and appropriately focused—on the bride.
Toilet Paper Wedding Dress
This silly game is always a crowd-pleaser. It gives guests a chance to get creative, not to mention it’s inexpensive to create. Simply separate the guests into teams, and provide each team with rolls of toilet paper. Next, direct each team to create their own wedding dress and veil from the “fine” paper fabrics at their disposal. The team with the best creation wins a prize. Offer bonus points for creatively incorporating other household or non-traditional items.

Write the Vows

Pass around a sheet of paper that starts with “I (bride’s name) take you (groom’s name) and vow to…” Each guest will add a funny line to the sheet, cover their sentence when finished and then pass it to the next person. Once every guest has had a chance to add to the vows, the bride will read them out loud. It’s a simple game that’s always good for a laugh.
If you’re still searching for the perfect venue for your bridal shower, check out Snappening’s venue search. Depending on the size of your bridal shower, you may also want to consider hiring an event planner.
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