Choosing a conference center for an event can appear to be a particularly daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be! Though conference centers may all seem alike, their amenities are what set them apart from the pack. Consider evaluating conference centers based on their unique amenities and the type of event you are planning. Take a look at your event theme and guest count to accurately determine which amenities will be requirements and which are not as necessary.
Pick a Conference Center

To locate conference centers in your area, do a simple Internet search or take a look at Snappening’s Indianapolis conference center list. Make a list of all the facilities that you are potentially interested in for your event. The first component you must keep in mind when reviewing possible conference centers are your basic prerequisites. Once you have a list of conference centers in your area, you can begin eliminating any that do not meet your fundamental needs. Most sites will include a list of the center’s amenities and if not, you may call to find out. Preliminary conference center eliminations can be made based on the guest count, hours of operation, proximate to appropriate lodging, A/V capabilities or anything else that seems relevant to the success of your event.

Helpful Hint: Compare as many as five (5) conference centers at a time by using Snappening’s useful venue comparison tool. The venue comparison tool shows you a side-by-side comparison of over 20 commonly requested or required items.


Tour The Facility

As you narrow your conference center options, the next step will to be conduct on-site tours. Carefully review the details of the facilities, room specifications, related conference or event planning services and any other information the conference center representative can provide. As wonderful as online tours and photos are, nothing will aid you in the decision making process more than experiencing the conference center in person. Many times, the conference center that you think is your favorite ends up disappointing in person, for one reason or another. When observing photos, keep in mind that images can often be misleading and nothing beats viewing the center live. Once at the venue, be sure to visit all the conference rooms and meet the venue personnel. Nothing beats actually standing at a conference venue and imagining a successful event taking place there—or meeting the people who will help ensure the success of your event.


Corporate Conference Centers

Corporate conference centers often take pride in their flexibility and the wide range of amenities they offer, as well as their commitment to deliver a top-notch experience. Some options might include meeting spaces that can hold groups of varying sizes, different rooms and room configurations, including indoor and outdoor recreation and fitness facilities such as a gym or swimming pool, IT or A/V support, on-site conference planning organizers, high-class accommodation arrangements for out-of-town guests and even customized meeting plans.


Business Conference Centers

Some conference centers cater primarily to businesses or corporate clients. By solely focusing on business clientele, these centers are further able to provide groups with a distraction-free environment, which helps in creating a more focused environment and in fostering a healthy concentration and productivity during meetings.


Conference Planners

Many of the larger conference centers provide assistance from professional, on-site conference planners to help create an efficient event. Conference planners will discuss your groups needs, including: meeting spaces, room setups, technology and media requirements, food and catering options, transportation and even team-building activities. These experienced professionals work with groups to ensure that all resource and support requests are met.

Indianapolis is home to numerous conference centers with incredible amenities. Check out our conference center list to find the perfect venue for your event today! If the planning becomes overwhelming, consider hiring an event planner to aid in your preparations. Share your conference center selection tips with us on Facebook or Twitter!