Another year older not only means another year wiser, but also another opportunity to throw a rockin’ birthday party! Although you may not want to share your true age anymore, that doesn’t mean you can’t still celebrate with all of the special people in your life! Whether you celebrate with a small gathering in the backyard or a big blowout at a local venue, an adult birthday party is a special way to show the guest of honor how important and loved they are. So grab your dancing shoes, forget about the word “diet,” and let Snappening show you how to plan a smashing adult birthday party!

Adult Birthday Party Themes

An adult birthday party will be enjoyable no matter what, but it’s always fun to get carried away with a party theme and allow your guests to enjoy being creative!

There are an infinite number of adult birthday party themes. A good starting point is to personalize the theme and decorate based on the celebrant’s hobbies or interests. Or you could always go with the ever-popular decade theme and bring back leg warmers and big hair from the 80’s, bell bottoms and disco balls from the 70’s or poodle skirts and sock hops from the 50’s! Another idea is to throw a Mardi Gras-themed party. You can decorate with lots of purple, green, and yellow, hand out masks and beads and even serve New Orleans favorites such as jambalaya and gumbo! Looking for a cheap and easy theme? Consider hosting a hat party where every guest simply wears a unique hat! People can get creative with top hats, Kentucky Derby hats, pirate hats and more! Of course, if the adult birthday party will be thrown in October then a costume party never fails! You can even have all of the couples dress up as famous duos such as Romeo and Juliet, Barbie and Ken, or Fred and Wilma Flintstone. To make the most out of your theme, try to invoke it in all five senses from taste to sound!

Step 1: Location

Pick a location that the guest of honor will find most comfortable and enjoy. You can always go for the classic birthday party at home, or you can venture out into the community and host the birthday party at a local venue, such as a restaurantcountry club, or even a bar. After all, this party is for adults!

Step 2: Guest List

Before you star writing down names, you need to figure out how many guests both the location and your budget can accommodate. After you’ve made the list, consult the birthday honoree to ensure that you haven’t forgotten anyone important, such as special coworkers.

Step 3: Invitations

It is ideal to mail the invites four to six weeks in advance and have people RSVP to you. Make sure to include the theme on the invitations so the guests can dress accordingly. As far as the design of the invites goes, don’t be afraid to get creative! You could design the birthday party invitations to coincide with the theme that you have chosen or you could use one of these original ideas:

  • Balloons: Write party details on an inflated balloon, deflate it, and then send it in an envelope with instructions to blow it up to get the details
  • Baby Pictures: Enlarge a baby picture of the birthday boy or girl, mount it to a piece of paper or cardboard, and write the party details on the back
  • Birth Certificate: Photocopy a blank birth certificate and then fill it in with the party information

Step 4: Food

You can choose to serve a full meal and either cook it yourself or hire a caterer. You may also decide to keep it simple and stick to some delectable finger foods, such as spicy chicken kabobs, cheese & japeno bites with salsa , and mushroom bacon bites. Even though you’re planning a party for adults, no good birthday party comes without a birthday cake! You can include it on a dessert table filled with plenty of cakes, pastries and maybe even an Orange you glad you’re an adult dessert!

Step 5: Drinks

Since this birthday party is specifically for adults, you may choose to serve some alcoholic beverages. Vodka, rum, whiskey, gin, tequila, scotch, beer and wine are all the basics to include when it comes to a fully stocked bar. You will also need to provide mixers, such as orange, cranberry, pineapple, and grape juice to go with the various alcohols you feature. You should fill tubs with different kinds of soda and water to appeal to people not drinking alcohol. Consider serving only signature drinks at the adult birthday party in order to make it easier on the bartender and cut back on spending. Don’t forget that you can serve refreshments that follow your theme as well!

Step 6: Entertainment

Music is essential for any good birthday party! Have the birthday honoree make a playlist on their iPod with all of their favorite music to play throughout the party. Include music from all decades to mix it up a little! You could also consider hiring a professional DJ or even a live band. If you want to encourage dancing at the party, be sure to make a space for a dance floor for people to get their groove on! A fun event is to make up a trivia game about the guest of honor and have people try to guess facts about them. You could also include a photo booth at the venue for people to make memories that they can take home with them!

If you need would like assistance planning your adult birthday party allow Snappening to help you find an event planner! Post your adult birthday party themes and tips on our Facebook or Twitter! For more food, drink, and party inspiration check us out on Pinterest!


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