Not a fan of the stationary machines? You’re in luck. You don’t have a fitness guru to be tone up to a beautiful bridal body! You can stretch your way fit with a more relaxing types of exercise, such as yoga and pilates.
Yoga originated in India and refers to traditional physical and mental disciplines. It combines physical postures and poses with spiritual well being to create a more relaxed way to strengthen your muscles and stretch out the body. These poses focus on creating a balance through strength and flexibility
Pilates is often put in the same category as Yoga, but the difference is the focus of the exercise. While it still emphasizes balance, it does so by focusing on core strength, as well as flexibility and graceful movement. It’s one of the most popular exercises in the country because it works well for a wide range of people.

So, grab your mat, leave your gym shoes at home and head over to one of the many places in Indianapolis that offers these effective exercise methods. Here are a few studios that we love:

•    The Yoga Center (Broad Ripple & Carmel) – If you’re new the scene, look no further. The Yoga Center offers two weeks of unlimited classes for new clients for just $29. In 2007, the center opened as the only hot, power yoga (vinyasa) center in Indianapolis. Find out more on classes and pricing, here.
•    Inner Peace Yoga Center (Indianapolis) – Voted on Indy’s A-List for 2010, Inner Peace Yoga Center offers classes fit for the beginner through advanced level. The center has several options to get your started, including $90 for unlimited classes at your level for six weeks.
•    Invoke Yoga & Pilates (Indianapolis) – This studio opened in the winter of 2005 and offers one of the largest yoga spaces in Indiana. Light, airy and friendly, the studio has 15-foot ceilings, hardwood floors and loft-life ductwork – making it great space for vinyasa-style yoga, dynamic pilates and pilates reformer classes.
•    The Body Temple Pilates Studio (Indianapolis) – This studio teaches the classical approach to the mind-body system through pilates. Instructors take into consideration needs and personal goals to develop workouts designed for each individual. In addition to pilates they offer various classes and an in-studio boutique.
So, there you have it! While yoga and pilates aren’t the only way to get fit, we certainly believe they are a great way to stretch your way thin for the big day.

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