Pink, red, flowers, hearts and love is in the air! It has to be time for Valentine’s Day décor ideas, which means it’s time for some fabulous DIY magic! These five DIY décor ideas will not only impress your valentine, but also your guests and maybe even you! Follow these tips to get the hottest trends in DIY décor!


Valentine’s Day Décor Tip #1 – Garland Full of Hearts
All you need for this simple, frugal, fabulous décor idea is ribbon, glue and a deck of cards. Simply select all of the heart cards from your deck, cut a piece of ribbon and glue down the tops of the cards on the ribbon. Voila! Something unique and inexpensive to hang in any room of your house or venue!


Valentine’s Day Décor Tip #2 – Mad for Mason Jars
Crafting with mason jars is not only incredibly popular, but also it’s easy too! You can buy mason jars in a variety of sizes at craft stores. Then, go crazy! Paint the jars in your favorite shades of red or pink. You can use them to hold flowers or candy, or wrap string around the tops for a rustic, elegant look! Placing these around your home or venue is a great idea for a Valentine’s Day Party décor item and party favor wrapped up in one!

Valentine’s Day Décor Tip #3 – Use your Words

Using paper mache’ letters (you can buy these at a craft store), yarn, glue and paint, spell out what you want to say to your Valentine or guests in a unique way! First, simply paint the letters to match the yarn you plan on using, then carefully hot glue the yarn to keep it straight and diligently wrap the yarn around the letter.
Valentine’s Day Décor Tip #4 – Love & Light
Let’s face it, you can’t get more romantic than candles! Decorating with candles is an easy way to incorporate some romance into fabulous, trendy décor. Get creative, or use our favorite inspiration by wrapping twine and letters around candles. Easy, cheap and totally in style!
Valentine’s Day Décor Tip #5- Valentine’s Day Basics
There are few things more Valentines-y than candy and flowers. Why not combine the two to get some fun, trendy décor that could not be easier to make?! It’s light on the wallet too so you can’t beat that! Simply fill a clear vase of any size or shape with Valentine’s Day candy like pink and red M&Ms or conversation heart candies. Then stick in some red or pink flowers to create a fabulous bouquet perfect for the 14th!

For more DIY Valentine’s Day décor inspiration check out our Valentine’s Day pinboard on Pinterest! Do you have any other DIY Valentine’s Day décor ideas we missed? Share them with us on Facebook and Twitter! XOXO!Need some help pulling off your fabulous Valentine’s Day celebration? Check out our long list of event planners and event venues to cater to your every need!