One way to market your business or brand is by participating in the infamous tradeshow. Perhaps you participate in wedding, corporate events, event planning or even business or product specific tradeshows. With so much competition, it is imperative that you and your business stand out and make a positive impact on attendees. One of the most effective ways to accomplish this is by tailoring your booth and presentation to include up and coming trends that attract and captivate the attention of the tradeshow attendees.

Check out these 2012 tradeshow trends that are making waves across the country:

Captivating Curves

The structural design of curves is emotionally captivating. This design inspires and creates a sense of both elegance and balance. Curves add softness and often deceive the eye into seeing something beyond, uniting the entire space in harmony. Incorporate the flooring of your booth design to mirror the curves in the booth architecture. This pattern offers the illusion of a bigger environment.


Simplified Style

Ensure that your booth design is simple, modern and that visual elements are pulled together cohesively. Tradeshows are notoriously known for clutter and chaos. Create a sense of structure and organization with your booth layout to differentiate yourself. Harmony in your booth design is bound to amplify the voice of your brand.


Divine Details

The principles of rhythm and contrast are important in creating interest and drawing attention to your booth.
Rhythm is the movement of our gaze to scan the message for understanding or gain information. Rhythm is typically achieved through repetition of objects and colors throughout your design. Contrast, on the other hand, stresses the visual differences in size, shape, angle and color between the elements to raise the awareness of an intended message. Panel color blocking is one of the easiest ways to achieve this effect.  Allow attendees to become familiar with the repetition of the pattern of information you are presenting.


Multi-Generational Marketing

As important as it is to be an expert on your business, brand or product, it is equally important to know your audience! The way in which you interact and present to attendees should be different based on their age demographic. Generational differences come into play and should be taken into consideration with tradeshow attendees. Take a look at our suggestions for specific marketing tips and buzzwords for each generation:

  • Baby Boomers: Boomers prefer open and direct but not controlling body language and communication. Use positive, emotionally meaningful concepts, words, and images. Paint a visual story.
  • Generation X: Gen X wants to hear the features of the product and how it will benefit them. This group is the most price conscious. They think communally and make decisions with one another.
  • Generation Y: Gen Y is tremendously image driven. Take full advantage of technology and its allure. Keywords include collaborate, connect, co-create and control.

Tradeshows can help to promote your business and increase sales. A study conducted by Exhibit Surveys shows that more than 80% of tradeshow attendees have the ability to influence buying decisions and more than 50% make a purchase as a result of attending a show.

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