Tradeshows are an excellent way for interested participants to become exposed to a wealth of business and products, all in one place. There are countless tradeshows held around the country specific to various industries and products. With such thick competition for attendee attention, it is imperative that tradeshow organizers do what they can to ensure a positive experience for attendees. Check out these tradeshow scheduling design trends that are gaining popularity:


Abbreviated Schedule

Moving to a more compact two-day tradeshow schedule maximizes show traffic, save attendees money and get everyone back to work a day earlier. By moving to a two-day agenda, you allow time to be spent more efficiently and costs will remain substantially lower for both exhibitors and attendees. Organizers have shifted to this type of scheduling, as they are mindful that business is conducted on the tradeshow floor and that some attendees can only be present for one day, or may not attend at all. Some tradeshow schedules have increased open exhibitor hours into the evening or even in tandem with the welcome reception or other tradeshow events.


Host Hotel

Utilizing either a hotel’s conference center or ensuring a host hotel is in walking distance from the tradeshow headquarters will increase attendance. Equally important is the location of the tradeshow and hotel to major freeways, roads and airports. Try to select a site with free WiFi, comfortable accommodations, ample parking and plenty of rooms for attendees, as well as sufficient dining options nearby.


Buzzworthy Events

Including notable speakers, demonstrations and other events will not only satisfy participants but can be used as a way to market the tradeshow beforehand to increase attendance. Many tradeshows will offer a welcome reception to kickoff the affair and to inform attendees of all relevant information. Be sure to include a mix of events focused on education, information, socialization and networking. Featuring keynote speakers, providing cocktail hours for networking purposes, breakfasts to jump start the day and product demos, are all ways to keep participants involved and interested.

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