Say goodbye to your seasonal affective disorder and hello to warm weather, blooming flowers, and green grass by hosting a garden party! This party is the perfect way to welcome the coming of spring and summer, relax, and celebrate the warm weather in a casual atmosphere. Maybe your garden doesn’t look like Claude Monet’s, but we offer some garden party ideas to wow your guests!

Pulling the Weeds
The first step in hosting a garden party is making invitations and inviting guests. Make sure it is obvious that this party will be outdoors so guests are prepared for the weather. Use floral prints and a phase similar to “Come celebrate the warm weather in Hazel’s Garden. Dress for the weather!” Start preparing for your garden party in advance. Mow the lawn, pull weeds, and trim any unruly plants. Although it is an outdoor party, many guests may enter your home. Clean areas that guests may see such as the entryway, kitchen, and bathroom. Check the weather forecast a week before. If rain is a possibility, always have a backup plan to turn the garden party into an indoor party.

Adding Character to the Garden

The main focus of a garden party should be the garden, of course! Save money by using clippings from your garden to decorate the space. This provides your party with a natural, fresh fragrance and color. If your yard lacks flowers, add potted plants to make it more festive. At an outdoor party, cut flowers in a vase in high heat may not last, so try using potted plants as a centerpiece instead. This garden party idea can be used in more than one way. Small flowerpots can also be taken home as a party favor. For a unique twist on the traditional vase or play pot, use a weathered watering can instead! To mix up the colors, add summer fruits such as oranges to your centerpieces. This idea adds a pop of color and a new smell amongst the floral scent. They look great and can even be eaten as a snack at the garden party! Lanterns, tea lights, holiday lights, and mason jars with candles are decorative touches that can be used to light up your garden party if it runs into the night. Hit up the local thrift shop for lanterns. A mismatched set could create a unique and eclectic atmosphere.

Garden Party Menu

To help relieve stress and give you more time to decorate, try to make as much of the food as you can the day before. Fresh fruits, salads, and other simple foods work well with a garden party. Chill the fruits before placing them outside. A garden party isn’t complete without a healthy vegetable tray. A pasta salad is an easy addition to a garden party menu that can be made the night before. To spice things up a bit, a signature fruity cocktail goes hand in hand with the warm sunny weather, like this Summer Watermelon situation. Poached-chicken-salad sandwiches are an easy garden party recipe. Use clays flowerpots and saucers lined with napkins or parchment paper as serving dishes or a perfect garden inspired bowl.

Beating the Elements
An outdoor party means spending time in the sun. Place an extra bottle of sunscreen in the bathroom for guests to use. Don’t overheat at your garden party. Place the tables in a location that is not directly in the sunlight and provide seating in a shaded area so guests can cool off. An overheated garden party guest is an unhappy guest. Keep refreshments cold and plentiful. Avoid flyaway napkins by using paperweights. River rocks are a simple, earthy touch. Place them in a colorful bucket for guests to grab.

Fight Party Crashers
Bees, ants, flies and other guests may not have received an invitation, but will most likely be crashing your garden party. Use upside down flowerpots to cover food. Cut an X in the top of cupcake liners, and put straw through to make a cute cover for drinks. If your yard is prone to lots of bugs, consider buying a mosquito net for your garden party for the food or relief for guests. If you’re using candles as part of your garden party decorations, mix in citronella candles. Bug fogger and tiki torches also help eliminate pests.

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