Intimidated by the thought of a frighteningly large guest list? Imagine colossal. Missy Berg, manager of special events for an Indianapolis committee, needed a venue for 800 to 1,000 people – and she needed it fast. Her task was to find a venue for an event planner working on a large dinner event and award ceremony right here in Indianapolis.

Missy had been familiar with Snappening – in fact, she attended its May 11 launch party at the D’Amore to see what it was all about – but had yet to utilize its venue finding services.

Days after the party, what might have been a daunting task turned into a simple search. After dismissing the idea of a Google search, she headed to to explore all the hype she experienced at D’Amore.

“I already had 58 venues on a list, but none of them fit the criteria and were available on the necessary date,” she said. “I knew it was the perfect opportunity to try Snappening, so I went for it and found just what I needed.”

Missy was pleasantly surprised at the website’s speed and efficiency. Within minutes, she was able to find the contact information for her perfect event venue – minus the headache of endless online research.

“It was incredibly easy,” Berg said. “I was able to navigate the site while on the phone with the out-of-town planner, actually, which really shows how simple it was to use.”

Snappening’s comprehensive database put all the resources at her fingertips, and Missy could rest assured that her event planning would go on seamlessly.

“Snappening contains everything you need while searching for resources for an event,” Berg said. “Because of the various search filters available and the comprehensive listing you get, I will definitely go back for personal use and work events.”