No doubt about it: planning and executing a successful event can be a daunting task. From choosing a venue to selecting an event planner to communicating with all parties involved, the entire process adds up to one large headache.

Snappening, Indianapolis’ new, all-inclusive event planning service, was designed to provide the tools and resources for quick, efficient and cost-effective event planning. As so many of its users have quickly learned, intimidating planning binders and unsolicited e-mails are a thing of the past.

Phillip Lewis, president elect of the American Marketing Association (AMA), recently put the site to use in hopes of finding a suitable venue for the organization’s meetings. His goal was to find potential venues based on location and price ranking.

“Snappening far exceeded my expectations,” said Lewis. “It was so easy and well-designed from a usability standpoint and provided a number of venues that I could pick from.”

After narrowing down his selection to four potential venues, Lewis was able to weigh his options and choose a suitable venue quickly and efficiently. In fact, his interaction with the site took merely 10 minutes.

Lewis believes the site’s easy navigation to be Snappening’s greatest advantage. Planning any large-scale event would normally require a hefty amount of research—Google searching, scanning reviews and individually contacting a multitude of venues.

“Snappening allowed me to avoid that tedious process altogether,” said Lewis. “It is a great tool for event planners that have all the knowledge already, but it is an even better tool for those who are not event planners by nature.”

As for the next time he needs to find that perfect location? “Not only for these meetings but corporate events and other parties, I’ll be heading back to Snappening,” he said. “Its  ‘quick and easy’ nature is bound to appeal to consumers, vendors and event planners alike.”