Episode #14: Step 3 Referral Network

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Episode 14: Step 3 Referral Network

Today’s episode is all about the venue referral networks and it also happens to be our 14th episode in the series where we’re talking about Venue Marketing 101 and how to market an event venue.

We’re going to quickly highlight all the topics in this section of the video series, and then we’ll dive into the next specific idea in Episode #15 next week.

Your referral network is one of your best sales tools, because it’s both effective, and often like a free sales team out there spreading the good word on your behalf.

But how do you find and cultivate more referral sources, and how do you insert yourself into your community to elevate your profile in a meaningful way that is likely to produce new business?

Today’s episode introduces viewers to the numerous high-impact venue marketing referral ideas we’re going to be covering in this section of the video series that are part of Circle 2.


💡 JOIN THE VENUE MARKETING SOCIETY The Venue Marketing Society is a free, online community to connect with other venue managers, staff members and owners about real opportunities and challenges you’re facing in managing your venue. 👀 WANT TO SKIP AHEAD? If you’d like to skip ahead in the series and read about the 50+ venue marketing ideas on your own, you can take a peek at this blog. ⭕ ABOUT THE VIDEO SERIES… The Venue Marketing 101 video series is powered by Snappening and the Venue Marketing Society. The series explains how increasing your venue’s discoverability actually generates more sales leads, and offers you a blueprint to make sure you’re doing it well, and with resolve. It also offers 50+ real-world examples about how to do venue marketing more effectively in today’s digital world.

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