There is no argument regarding the importance of your wedding day photography. Every bride fantasizes about that stunning shot in a gorgeous gown, the first time the groom sees her walking down the aisle surrounded by loved ones, and of course that magical kiss that seals the deal. It’s moments like these that the bride dreams about that demand the need for the perfect photographer! Wondering how to garner the most to-die-for, magazine-worthy photos from your big day? We spoke to Marty Moranand Emily Brauchle of Bello Romance Photography, about specializing in the type of photography that captures the true essence of romance, and finding out exactly how to produce the very best photos possible. Learn more about their insider tips.

How to Capture Timeless Wedding Photos

As a professional wedding photographer, it is our job to archive the most important wedding day moments flawlessly, but also to take you by surprise and produce the unexpected. While the bride usually thinks about the immediate “here and now,” as she should, it’s the vendors behind the scenes that can typically focus on the bigger picture. In five, ten, twenty years’ time, you will look back on your wedding images with a different perspective. The trends utilized on your daystyle of dress, color, décor, floral arrangementsmay not always be in fashion, but candid, timeless photos will always be. You will not only enjoy the luxury of a wonderful marriage for a lifetime, but also the wedding day images that will be blissful and never changing.

Insider Tip: Sincere Sentiments
It’s the images you didn’t plan for that you will truly treasure the most! The very best shots are those taken by surprise during an unexpected or endearing moment. The following is a list of the type of wedding photos that a seasoned photographer will try to document for the bride and groom:
  • The dance with your dad as he sings your song to you
  • The joyous grandparent taking it all in
  • The little sister and her boyfriend who will be married in two years
  • Your mom reuniting with her two crazy sisters
  • The last time you will be with all your past teammates
  • Grandma dancing with her great grandson from her wheelchair
  • The groom whispering sweet nothings into your ear
  • Your dad giving your hand away to the love of your life
  • Your best friends fighting for the bouquet

Relishing family, friends, and loved ones is the key component. Your relationships will last a lifetime. On the most important day of your life, remember to treasure these bonds and ensure they are all captured poetically.

With the right wedding photographerthe kind that communicates with you and your family, is personable, and will work tirelessly during your receptionyou will have images that are memorable now, but will transform into a story as your life evolves and your family grows.

Insider Tip: Work as a Team
One of the best ways to ensure you have the best experience is to work as a team.Work with your photographer in advance to tell them some of the most memorable people you want to capture at the wedding. Here are three key examples:
  1. Work together on the Timeline – make sure you are both on the same page! If you have a planner, it doesn’t hurt to have them connect with your other vendors on a regular basis as well.
  2. Create a Wedding Shot List – these are great to make sure the photographer knows what is important to you specifically. Don’t be surprised if the photographer colors outside the lines a bit, but the list will be a nice guide throughout the day
  3. Point out your family members to your photographer so he/she knows who are most important to focus on. It might be a good idea to invite them to the rehearsal dinner!

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