Throw away the old school wedding binders. Be gone with the days of losing notes and everyone having a different price for the venue. Now wedding planning is an all-in-one platform with Plan the Day. Founder and creator of Plan the Day, Matt Goebel, tells us more about the latest wedding planning app.

What inspired you to create Plan The Day?
The idea behind Plan The Day came through direct experience. My wife, Cristina, and I got engaged in the summer of 2012 and our wedding was in 2013. Unlike the stereotypical groom, I was actually very involved in the wedding planning process. Cristina had the vision and handled everything creative, and I was responsible for organizing and keeping track of the countless details.

I looked for, and checked out several free and paid tools available to organize and plan a wedding, but was pretty dissatisfied with all of them. For numerous reasons I ended up using Excel and created a massive multi-tab spreadsheet to track literally everything wedding related.

Our vendors would poke fun at me for how OCD I was about tracking everything in the spreadsheet. That was until a few of them got a closer look and changed their tune. Soon casual jokes turned into serious requests to use the spreadsheet for other weddings. That was probably the first time I consciously identified a need in the marketplace to connect bride/groom with family and their vendors in a place where everything was centrally located.

The rest is history…

Can Plan The Day organize and plan every aspect of a wedding? If so, tell us how.
Yes, I would say that you can organize and plan every common aspect of a wedding. There are obviously so many unique pieces to each and every wedding that it is hard to say we cover them all, but Plan The Day has you covered for every common aspect. We do this by offering a core set of features that create a seamless way to share and track details:

  • Your Wedding Itinerary
  • Your Wedding Checklist
  • Your Wedding Guestbook
  • A List of Wedding-Related Events
  • Your Wedding Budget
  • Wedding Documents
  • Wedding Notebooks

Additionally, a bride is not forced to enter anything in Plan The Day. There is no ridged process to follow. We provide a flexible canvas and it is up to the personality of the bride, professional planner or mom to determine what features are used and to what extent.

Who benefits most from the app?

This is a tough one since we strive to bring benefits to all parties involved in the planning process. Ultimately, I would say the primary person responsible for planning the wedding is going to benefit the most.

Can all members of the wedding party see the same details?
Yes and no. Plan The Day recognizes that every wedding and every person in the wedding party is unique. Some people want everyone to see everything, while others get nauseous at the thought of their mother-in-law seeing the budget details. To this end we’ve built Plan The Day with configurable security so that each user only sees and edits what you want them to see and edit.

Is it difficult to explain to users with minimal technology experience?
No, it’s not difficult. We compare Plan The Day to a user’s old school “wedding binder.” This one’s just in the ‘Cloud’ and available from any device anywhere in the world.

Additionally, Plan The Day was designed with the “minimally technology experienced” or even “technology challenged” user in mind. We asked ourselves if our own technology challenged parents would be able understand how to use a certain feature, and if not, we would send it back to the drawing board to refine the design and make all actions as intuitive as possible.

In your opinion, what’s the best feature of Plan the Day?
I’m going to cheat and say the combination of two features, the Notebook and Checklist features, are currently the best part of Plan The Day. Allow me to explain.

Through our bride and vendor interviews it became obvious early on that note taking is a huge part of the wedding planning process. The most common trigger of note taking was a meeting between bride and vendor, and the natural outcome of that was more to-dos to add to someone’s list. The issue with current paper and pen process is that these notes end up scribbled all over the place, and rarely make it back to the master checklist for that wedding.

Our solution was to create a cross integration of sorts between our Notebook feature and our Checklist feature. What this means is that a user can take any note, from anywhere in the application and convert it to a to-do on their checklist with one click. They can then assign the to-do to someone, set a due date and manage it like a normal wedding checklist item. It is really cool to watch people use it for the first time and see the light bulb go off on how that single feature is going to save them countless hours over the course of their wedding planning experience.

Have more questions about Plan The Day? Check out the Plan The Day website to learn more about the application. While Plan The Day helps organize your wedding, check out our Pinterest boards to inspire creativity for the big day. Also, share your must helpful wedding tip with us on Facebook and Twitter. Lastly, find the perfect planner or location for your wedding with our event planner search and event venue search.


About the Author: Matt Goebel 

Meet our interviewee, Matt Goebel, the Co-Founder and President of Plan The Day. A Purdue University graduate with over 10 years of IT industry experience in the Indianapolis area, Matt enjoys marrying technology to traditionally manual processes in innovative ways. Plan The Day is his latest venture and is excited about how it can revolutionize the way couples plan the most important day of their life.