Every bride loses sleep about seemingly meaningless details that are absolutely eating her up inside while she’s planning her wedding. While fiancés and friends might try to persuade you to just “let it go,” the truth is…there are certain things that your guests WILL remember! So, what will your guests really remember after the champagne buzz (and their spray-tan) wears off? Snappening spoke to Kelly Robertson, event sales manager for D’Amore Events of Indianapolis about hosting a memorable wedding.
A Visually Pleasing Venue
The aesthetics of your venue play a vital role in capturing the admiration that makes lifelong memories. Your venue should reflect your personality and personal style. You don’t necessarily need to use an elegant ballroom if a beautiful old barn suits your personality better. It’s all about creating a space that appeals to the eye when entered.

Dish Up a Rare Fare
For years, bland dinners of chicken and mashed potatoes have reigned supreme—well, those days are way over.  This is the year that brides and grooms are using innovative reception food as an extension of their personalities adding to the overall feeling of the event. Consider creating an entirely edible bill of fare including menu cards that are edible and hors d’oeuvres wrapped in edible, monogrammed paper. And don’t forget the late night snacks. I’ve seen mini cheeseburgers and cereal bars brought out before the guests head home. Serving food at the end of a reception is another way to ensure a lasting impression.

DJ Turn It Up
Your fiancé’s dance moves may have gone out of style in the nineties, but having a great DJ or band to emcee the event and entice people to the dance floor is never passé. In fact, some would argue it’s the most important factor in creating an event to be remembered.

A Hint of Something Extra
While planning your big day, don’t forget to think of that “something extra” that will get guests talking at your reception. There’s been an explosion of incorporating photo booths into the reception. It’s no surprise why: not only do your guests get a hilarious take-away from the event, the booth allows for closer mingling of intimate groups. This year, the trend is going out of the box. Really, the more outlandish and out of control, the better, and you’re sure to not be doomed in ‘boring reception’ hell. I’ve seen caricature artists, painters, performers—and honestly, these little extras get people talking and keep them actively engaged.

Hey! Men Remember Things, too!
Incorporating men’s interests into your wedding is important. And that’s why the idea of including a “man cave” at a reception is so great. The men in your family can relax and smoke a cigar while enjoying a bourbon and whiskey bar and lounging on comfy leather sofas and chairs.

The Attitude, the Glow, the Smile.
But absolutely nothing is as vital to your guests’ retention of your wedding as the way that you, the bride, look and act throughout the day. Stressed-out, tense brides, who spend the day making sure everything’s going exactly according to plan, are not as charming as brides who are relaxed and there to have a good time. Guests want to see the smile of the person that they came to support—you know: that comfortable, relaxed and laid back you that you’ve been hiding for so long.
In the end, the hierarchy of how these wedding details measure up in your wedding will be completely different for each and every bride, and that’s okay. The key is having an open conversation with your fiancé about what the most important goals of the night are. For example, if you and your fiancé are known for your fabulous dinner parties and elevated taste buds, it probably wouldn’t be wise to spend disproportionately more on party favors than you do on food. If you’re looking to bust a move on the dance floor, don’t skimp out on the DJ.

Go with what feels right and what you personally think will make the largest impact on your guests. For more information on weddings and event planning, check out D’Amore Events of Indianapolis . Share your wedding stories and photos with us onFacebook or Twitter! For even more wedding inspiration check out our pinboards on Pinterest!