Regardless of the event you’re planning, your floral designer will play a crucial role in setting the tone of your event. However, we understand that many people may not feel comfortable sharing what they do – don’t! – know ahead of time when they meet with their designer. So lilly lane asked our brides to share what they didn’t know before their first consultation … and not surprisingly, many of them admitted they learned a lot from that meeting! Find out what these brides learned about event floral design:

“I knew I wanted a unique bouquet with fall colored flowers, but didn’t know how to put it together.” – Jillian

“I didn’t know that there were so many different types of flowers. And I definitely didn’t know how to put what I was envisioning together!” – Jessica

If there is one comment I hear all the time, it’s this one – “I know what I want, but I’m not sure what I want!”

Brides, your florist’s role is to help you identify flowers that fit your unique style. They should offer ideas, support and creativity. You can help by providing pictures of bouquets and flowers you like, as will other details from your wedding, but beware of anyone who says they’ll be happy to just copysomething for you – you want someone who will use those inspiration pieces as what they are, inspiration!

“I didn’t realize you could put together smaller table centerpieces, but still have them as beautiful as a larger one.”- Jillian

These days, it seems like every time I pick up a bridal magazine I see photo spreads from events getting more and more lavish. Naturally, the photographers tend to highlight the “WOW” centerpieces- the towering vases, the LED lights, the masses of blooms, etc. Now, I’ll be the first to tell you that these “WOW” centerpieces are amazing – but only when they’re “W.O.W” – as in:

Within your budget,
On some tables,
Worth it!

For the average budget, putting a WOW centerpiece on every table is probably not possible- unless you want to stretch the budget by sacrificing elsewhere, or EVERYWHERE. Having a WOW element isn’t worth the expense if it means the experience of that WOW piece isn’t sustained throughout the day. When brides on a budget work with lilly lane and love the big pieces, I recommend they go with a “W.O.W.”  version instead, choosing additional centerpieces that are beautiful in their own right and complement well with the larger pieces. More often than not, the smaller pieces are taken home and enjoyed far longer than the large!

“I have to admit, I didn’t know that a small, short centerpiece might get lost on a 10-top round table. I’m glad… we decided to do some high vases so our centerpieces will be seen.” – Jennifer

The opposite of the “WOW” effect is an event where all the beautiful floral details are lost because they haven’t captured the eye. Simply put, you need to consider the space you are filling at your event. If the ceiling is high, or the room is large, all low centerpieces might be lost. It is also important to consider the size of the table the piece will be going on, as well as what will be happening on that table. No matter how beautiful they are, flowers that block the view of guests, sit too low on the table, or take up too much room won’t be appreciated.

“The first thing that came to my mind was [that] I never knew how much your florist matters- and how the final product can vary depending on your florist! Some florists expected me to come in with very specific ideas that they would bring to life. I even had one florist tell me it was my fault for her lack of ideas because I didn’t bring in enough pictures. A good florist will take your ideas and expand them … making them grander, more budget-friendly or more realistic.” – Abbey

And that’s why we’re here! Use these tips to plan your next event floral design.

Becky Ruby is the owner of lilly lane, a floral designs shop located at 56th and Illinois streets in Indianapolis. Her more than three years of experience in the industry positions her as one of the experts in the area. For more information on lilly lane, visit (Photos courtesy of Becky Ruby)


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