Everybody loves a wedding! But before the bride walks down the aisle, friends and family can show how excited they are by attending the customary bridal shower. This event allows those dearest to the bride to express their love and support as the big day draws near! Check out these trends for summer bridal showers that will leave everyone awe-struck:


Vibrant colors are perfect for a late Spring or Summer bridal shower. Bright, festive invites will set the mood and ensure guests truly look forward to the bash!


You may elect to hold the shower at someone’s home or a local site such as a restaurant, winery or banquet hall. The location options are endless! Try to think outside of the box, such as parks or open-air restaurant patios or spas. Of course if you prefer the simplicity of hosting the shower at someone’s residence, there’s nothing wrong with that, as the environment will add a homey vibe.


With the temps sky-high, keep the food light and refreshing! Keep the menu simple and health conscious by incorporating lots of seasonal produce and fresh ingredients. Consider a variety of finger sandwiches, veggie tray, mixed green salad with citrus vinaigrette dressing and fruit kabobs. Serve both alcoholic gems like pineapple sangria and non-alcoholic favorites, such as sweet basil lemonade. Add summery charm withcolorful straws and a personalized message!


Use a vivid crepe paper backdrop displayed behind the buffet or gift table. This can also serve as an excellent spot to take pictures with the bride or as a group to document the day. If you’re crafty, add photos of the bride-to-be and her future hubby as a display and conversation piece. Paper lanterns in matching colors can also be used around your home or venue to liven up the atmosphere. Use varying sizes, shapes and coordinate so that all décor matches the colors used on the bridal shower invite. Centerpieces may include fresh flowers, as your floral selection will be abundant during the summer months. Try your hand at a Gerber daisy display with a clear vase and river rocks. You may also choose to use fruits such as lemons, strawberries, oranges or cherries in glass vases with pebbles to create an organic feel.


Who doesn’t love mints or candy after a meal? Impress your guests with adorable favors that incorporate vibrant colors and florals in the packaging. Use a Gerber daisy favor box to fill almonds, mints or chocolates for your guests to enjoy on their drive home.

No matter your bridal shower preferences, consider hiring an event planner to aid you in your arrangements. You may also want to take a look at Snappening’s venue search to determine the best location options for your event. Share your bridal shower tips and stories with us onFacebook or Twitter! For even more bridal shower and wedding day inspiration, check out our Bridal Shower Musts board on Pinterest.