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INDIANAPOLIS — June 6, 2012 — Snappening, an Indianapolis-based online event planning startup, is excited to announce the geographical expansion of its online event planning service, which provides all the tools and resources needed to host an exceptional event. Snappening caters to consumers, seasoned event planning professionals and local venues looking to plan or host successful events.

After experiencing greater than expected growth in the central Indiana market, Snappening is expanding to include event venues and professional event planners in South Bend, Ft. Wayne, Bloomington and Louisville in its comprehensive database. In its first year and counting, Snappening has tracked more than 45,000 site visitors with a growth rate 30% greater than originally projected. This success is allowing and encouraging market expansion.

“Central Indiana has welcomed Snappening with open arms,” says Snappening president and CEO Crystal Grave. “We’ve experienced overwhelming success and are humbled by how supportive our clients and the community have been. Snappening hopes to replicate that sort of deep, sophisticated market relationship with other cities and works diligently to understand and listen to market partners when doing so. It’s in large degree what sets Snappening apart from other national services. We don’t simply provide technology—we form strategic alliances with our clients and know their cities and needs.”

Further and more rapid technology adoption continues to flood the hospitality and event planning markets; Snappening is a response to that trend. Research shows more consumers are doing their own online research before even attempting to make a purchasing decision. Snappening provides a comprehensive online event planning tool with more Central Indiana listings and more details about those listings than any other service available to the public. The expansion will allow new regions of consumers, planners and venues access to this innovative online tool in their own markets as well.

Snappening provides event planners with a digital source for showcasing experience portfolios, client and project tracking—along with connecting them directly with venues. Venue partners can provide potential clients with a wide breadth of information about their facility including detailed photos, seating capacity information and a customizable guide complete with menus, catering preferences, event requirements and individual room specifications. Both industry partners showcase their work in a uniform platform to reach consumers who might be planning any one of more than 40 distinct types of events from social gatherings such as birthday parties, weddings and galas to corporate activities such as meetings, training sessions and conferences.

Snappening is currently activating accounts in the new market cities (South Bend, Ft. Wayne, Bloomington and Louisville) and plans on making those locations publicly available for online search within the next six months.


About Snappening

Snappening is an online event planning database service headquartered in Indianapolis. It was born out of a real-life need by a real-life consumer doing what we all want to do most—plan an exceptional event to create a lasting memory. Check out our leadership page to learn more about the creation of Snappening. Since our 2011 launch, our site has provided over 45,000 consumers, venues and professional planners with an online service that makes event venue and event planner searches quick and easy, as well as provides highly localized event planning inspiration, tips and tools. Snappening’s mission is to be widely recognized as the most comprehensive and complete event planning listing service for all special events and private functions. Feel free to poke around on the site to see for yourself how helpful we are and perform your own searches. We estimate we’ll save you anywhere from 4-8 hours of your own time by bringing all your options together in one well-appointed location.


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