Snappening founder selected to participate in Silicon Valley accelerator program

INDIANAPOLIS (September 23, 2014) Snappening founder and CEO, Crystal Grave, starts her 15-week stint in Silicon Valley this week as one of an elite group of 14 women from across the globe hand-picked by a trusted team of Bay Area advisors.

The 14 women, selected from more than hundreds of worldwide applicants, range in age, background, discipline and comprise the third cohort of Women’s Startup Lab—a high-caliber collective of edgy and hardcore startup founders who are intensely results-driven. Women’s Startup Lab is dedicated to fun, collaboration and giving back. The program’s rigor, energy and commitment is unlike any other accelerator organization.

Women’s Startup Lab is focused on the quality of the founder; knowing the founder is the key ingredient to a startup’s success. “Crystal was selected based upon her commitment, focus and tenacity. She will excel in the community of Women’s Startup Lab which is based upon collaboration and a network of support. She will be a great role model for women leaders,” says Ari Horie, CEO and founder of Women’s Startup Lab.

Grave says she knows the experience will expose her brand to more Silicon Valley-based opportunities for funding, strategic partnership and national expansion and also bridges a gap between the Midwest and the nation’s tech hotbed. Grave also hopes the experience offers key boots-on-the ground insight to other Hoosier tech founders trying to grapple with the challenges of startup life, scaling and demonstrating success.

The Accelerator is intensive—designed to identify, cultivate and grow women-led startups across the globe that are funding ready. The startups and founders have traction, revenue, customers and proof of concept. Startups are early stage, working on validation and gaining traction. Key founders have a strong desire to succeed, work collaboratively with other rock star founders, possess the social skills to expand and can work with a community of Silicon Valley-based advisors and investors as Women’s Startup Lab members. They are provided with advice and coaching. Seed funding is also on the table in the $25,000 – $100,000 range, determined by individual business assessments.

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