Snappening sees positive results due to Snapchat scandal, #TheSnappening

Snappening, an online event planning search engine, was the unexpected web traffic beneficiary of Snapchat’s most recent scandal where hundreds of thousands of user photos were leaked via a third-party application.
4Chan, an image-based bulletin board that allows anyone to post comments and share images, dubbed the photo breach “The Snappening” and consequently started sharing news about the hack. In the days that followed, Snappening saw an extreme increase in website traffic, as well as social media engagement.
Snappening takes the privacy of its users, as well as all users of the internet very seriously. It became immediately clear that users need to be made aware of the intent of Snappening’s web-based services, while also reducing any possible confusion about the name.
Founder, President and CEO Crystal Grave spoke to multiple media outlets about the incident, and worked with the Snappening team to create a humorous meme reminding all current and new visitors that Snappening keeps it “squeaky clean” and has its audience “covered in all the right places” as a play off the photo leaks. A recap of Snappening’s media coverage is included below.

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